Chinon 35EE

Chinon 35EE

This is another of my collection of very similar rangefinder cameras. Like the GAF Memo 35ET and Mamyia 135 it has the ususal brightline viewfinder with a superimposition rangefinder coupled to the focus ring. It is also fitted with a very similar lens to the GAF and Mamyia being a 38mm but this time rated at f2.7 rather than f2.8.. I don't suppose that this makes any difference at all in practice - it is most probably the same lens. The shutter is the same as fitted to the GAF and Mamyia . The metering and battery arrangements are the same as well on all three cameras. The Chinon 35EE is fitted with a lever-operated self-timer mounted in the traditional position on the front of the camera body alongside the lens. The flashmatic system has guide numbers engraved on the control ring, which is an improvement on the Mamiya which just has a series of dots. The camera also features a B setting for the shutter which is missing from the Mamiya. Interestingly, the film loading door is rather more like the Konica C35 than the one fitted to the GAF Memo 35ET and Mamyia 135.

In use the camera is like the others a delight. It is very well made and finished. The shutter makes a quiet but definite click. The viewfinder is excellent and fast to use. I like this camera very much.


A new set of light seals and a new battery got it up and running very easily.


Specifications Chinon 35EE Made in  Taiwan ROC
Camera Type 35mm EE zone focusing camera with between-the-lens shutter
Film Format 24x36mm
Lens Chinonex 38 mm f/2,7 (4 elements, 3 groups),
Filter Size 46 mm
Focusing Range 1 m to infinity
Shutter Speeds 1/30th second to 1/650th second + B. Automatic programmed aperture & speed selection
Exposure Meter Type Single CdS cell located above the lens element. Programmed aperture & speed selection
Film Speed Range ISO 25 (DIN 15) to ISO 500 (DIN 28)
Viewfinder Information Brightline frame, Parallax correction mark
Focusing System Rangefinder focusing in viewfinder
Synchronization Flash Built-in "X" synchronization @ 1/25 Second - "X" contacts in Hot Shoe and PC socket  Flashmatic system with aperture determined with the selected GN (14 - 56 in Meters) and the focusing distance. GNs marked on the setting ring in ft and m.
Loading Film Standard 35mm 135 loading
Advance Film Single-stroke, Built-in double exposure prevention
Self Timer  Yes
Battery One 1,35 volt Mercury battery PX675 - Use 675ZA (1.4v Zinc Air)
Dimensions 113 X 73 X 54 mm
Weight 420 g


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