Konica C35 V

This is the cut-down version of the sought after Konica C35 compact rangefinder camera. It is much the same as the original version except that it is not fitted with a range finder or the self-timer. The focusing is achieved by using either zone focus settings or by estimating the distance to the subject and setting this on the scale. In practice because the camera is fitted with a 38mm lens combined with a programmed exposure system and mostly the depth of field takes care of any reasonable misjudgment of the distance. The viewfinder has a cunningly designed section in the lower right hand corner, which ensures that the zone focus symbol is visible to the photographer whilst he has the camera up to his eye. The shutter and aperture are set using the automatic only programmed system with speeds from 1/30th to 1/650th of a second and apertures from f2.8 to f14. This is exactly the same system as fitted to several of my other rangefinder cameras such as the GAF Memo 35ET, Mamiya 135 and Chinon 35EE. There is more than a passing similarity between these cameras although there are a few differences for example, the Konica C35 V has a film chamber door which is similar to the Chinon 35EE as it extends to the base of the camera fitting around the baseplate whilst the GAF Memo 35ET and Mamiya 135 have a different door that fits within a light-trap groove cut into the camera body and does not reach as far as the camera base.



Konica C35 V Made in Japan

Camera Type

35mm EE zone focusing camera with between-the-lens shutter

Film Format



Konica Hexanon 38 mm f/2.8 (4 elements, 3 groups),

Filter Size

46 mm

Focusing Range

1 m to infinity

Shutter Speeds

1/30th second to 1/650th second. Automatic programmed aperture & speed selection

Exposure Meter Type

Single CdS cell located above the lens element. Programmed aperture & speed selection

Film Speed Range

ISO 25 (DIN 15) to ISO 400 (DIN 27)

Viewfinder Information

Brightline frame, Parallax correction mark

Focusing System

Zone focusing on lens, symbols visible in viewfinder

Synchronization & Flash

Built-in "X" synchronization @ 1/25 Second - "X" contacts in Hot Shoe. Apertures set on the ring, f2.8 to f16. Flash symbol visible in viewfinder when set

Loading Film

Standard 35mm 135 loading

Advance Film

Single-stroke, Built-in double exposure prevention

Self Timer 



One 1,35 volt Mercury battery PX675 - Use 675ZA (1.4v Zinc Air)


113 X 75 X 53 mm


330 g


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