Enter the Map Gallery is a free website which provides Geographers, old map enthusiasts and Historians with a means of sharing their old maps.

We hope that you will scan the old maps that you have in your collection and share them with others so that we can all have better access to old maps across the globe.

Old maps are a vast and fascinating store of information about the geography and history of our world. Lots of old maps exist in both public and private collections but they are of most value when people who want to use their information can actually look at them. This is not always easy. Maps that are held in their original paper form are only available at their home library or to the individual collector. In recent years many public organisations have started to make their map collections available via the Internet. This is an excellent thing to do but we felt that there should also be a website where ordinary people could share their own old map collections with other interested people.


Our stipulations are
  • that the maps submitted MUST be out of copyright.
  • that the maps submitted MUST be your OWN property.
  • that ONLY maps or charts are to be submitted to the site.
  • that submitted maps MUST be of good image quality (300dpi scans at the original size).
  • that users will provde appropriate geographical place names in the key words section so that other users may find useful maps.

We hope that will be of interest to Historians, Geographers, Genealogists, Cartographers and Old Map enthusiasts. The site is free. You will need to register separately for the Map Gallery and the Forum sections


I am an academic historical geographer at the Department of Geography, University of Portsmouth, United Kingdom. I have a longstanding interest in making old maps more widely available. The Department  hosts sites by our friends Jean and Martin Norgate which provide unparalleled mapping of Old Hampshire, England and The Lake District of England. We have also developed a site for the old maps of Sussex, England and a specialist Geographical Information System mapping site for mid Nineteenth Century Tithe Mapping. My colleague Dr Humphrey Southall and his team have built the wonderful Vision of Britain web site