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My Morris Minor

My Morris Minor
My car is a two door saloon in Clipper Blue. It was built by Motor Assemblies Ltd. of Durban South Africa in late 1960. The shade of the paint is rather whiter than the equivalent colour from UK production, giving it a rather nicer shade of blue I think. The engine is still the original 948cc and has only been rebored once (1986 to 10 thou over size). The engine has had an "unleaded head" fitted with hardened valve seats. An interesting point of difference to UK produced cars is that blanking plates have been fitted to the trafficator slots and that flashing brake lights have been used to indicate turn direction instead.

My Morris's History
It was first registered to Gertrude Livingstone of Sherwood, Durban on the 7th of January 1961. It was transferred to her granddaughter, Jean Livingstone, in 1979. I think that some renovation work was carried out at this stage including the fitting of a South African built Smiths Industries recirculating heater. Jean exported the car from SA to UK in 1980 when she came to the UK to attend college. She then passed it to her brother, Neil, in 1981 when she returned to SA, (I think). I purchased the car from Neil in November 1984 and have used it ever since.

In addition to the car I still have the original SA registration documents and the original number plate.

The car has been re-registered at various stages:- its original SA number being ND 8798. On import to the UK in 1980 this became JGM 273W which was changed to USK 974 in 1994. This final number is an "Age Related" number and permits the use of silver letters on a black background style of number plate in the UK.


Chassis                                            M/A2S3  580912
Engine                                              9M-U-H 443893
Motor Assemblies Ltd.                     M30813
Another number on bulkhead            76082

How Many Miles?
When I purchased the car in 1984 it had 49,744 miles on the clock. I suspect that given the wear evident in the cylinder bores when the engine was rebuilt in 1986 that it had been "round the clock" once already giving a total at purchase (1984) of around 150,000 miles. Since November 1984 I have added another 87,000 miles. So, perhaps 237,000 miles in total?

From purchase until May 1997 it was my only car. In May 1997 my wife and I decided that even the most faithful and loved old friend could not keep up with modern motorway traffic in Southern England and that our two boys (four and a half years and two years) needed rather more space. Therefore, we bought a Range Rover for all but commuting trips to my department at the University here in Portsmouth. It is less than two miles away from home and the Morris is still a most effective car in this town environment and its 42 miles to the gallon is rather better than the Range Rover's meagre 15mpg around town.
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