Pinhole camera view of  Salisbury Catherderal  by Dominic Fontana

I first became interested in photography when I was still at school. I'm sure that this is the starting point for many of you who become interested in photography! But where to go from there? After much exploration of the available courses I eventually took at the photography course at Salisbury College of Art, Wiltshire, UK during 1981 - 1982. After this I had some considerable luck and landed a job as the photographer on the Mary Rose Project in Portsmouth, UK. This was a major maritime archaeological project to excavate and then to raise the wreck of King Henry VIII's Vice Flagship, The Mary Rose from the seabed of The Solent.

During my time at Salisbury I became very interested in the possibilities of using pinhole cameras to take interesting and unique pictures. Some of these pictures can be found at this site. I am now lecturing in Geography at the University of Portsmouth and this geographical interest can be seen in my landscape work.

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